Membership Classes as of  May 26, 2020

1. Full Membership: Capital investment for new members is $500, $200 of which is payable on joining, and the remaining $300 is payable one year after that date. If a Temporary member elects to join the club while that membership is current (i.e. within thin 30 days), the first capital payment will be reduced by $50 (i.e. to $150).  New member capital will not be returned on resignation. Dues are $49.00 a month, which includes SSA subscription.

2. Youth Membership: Anyone between the ages of 12 to 22 is eligible for Youth Membership. Only Youth Members above the age of 18 are permitted to vote on club issues or serve as an Associate Officer for the club. When a Youth member reaches 22 years of age they will covert to a Full Membership with no initiation fees, as long as they are in good standing. Youth Members must pay a $100 initiation fee and pay $23.50 a month ($15.00 Club Dues, $5.00 Fleet Fund, $3.50 SSA Dues).

3. Senior Membership: Must be over 65. Aimed towards those who wish to fly as a club member, without soloing or obtaining a rating. Is not allowed to fly solo, but is allowed to vote and serve on the PSA Board (though not as an officer). A Full Member may convert to a Senior Member through a petition to the Board of Directors with no application/initiation fees. The initiation fee for a new Senior Member joining the Association is $100. Dues are $17.00 a month ($6.00 Club Dues, $6.00 SSA Dues, $5.00 Fleet Fund).

4. Family Membership: For person with a spouse or child(ren). A Family Member has no restrictions, and may operate Association aircraft and equipment, may vote on Association matters, and may serve as an Association Officer or may serve on the Board of Directors. Initiation fee is $500 for first Family Member, then $75.00 for spouse initiation or $50.00 for Youth Family Member. Youth Family Members must follow age rules for regular Youth Members. Dues are $67.50 a month ($53.00 Club Dues, $9.50 SSA Dues, $5 Fleet fund) for a family of two, plus $3.50 a month (SSA Dues) for each additional family member.


1. Membership Obligations: In order to keep operating costs low, each member is expected to contribute some time for the benefit of the Club

2. Visiting Member: A certificated soaring pilot or soaring student visiting Pittsburgh may join PSC as a Visiting Member for up to 4 months, provided that they are a member of SSA, present a log book and credentials verifying status and experience, and pass a check ride with a PSC affiliated CFIG prior to solo flight with club equipment. The Visiting Member dues are $99 for the first month (includes cost of one check ride), $50 per month thereafter. The Visiting member is responsible for all tow and equipment rental fees. Visiting members are considered “Temporary Members” per Article IV, Section 8 of the By-Laws.