Typical Membership Classes as of  May 26, 2020

1. Full Membership: Capital investment for new members is $500, $200 of which is payable on joining, and the remaining $300 is payable one year after that date. If a Temporary member elects to join the club while that membership is current (i.e. within thin 30 days), the first capital payment will be reduced by $50 (i.e. to $150). Membership capital investments will be deposited in the Fleet Fund and not used for operating expenses. New member capital will not be returned on resignation. Will be charges $49.00 a month, which includes SSA Dues.

2. Youth Membership: Anyone between the ages of 12 to 22 is eligible for Youth Membership. Only Youth Members above the age of 18 are permitted to vote on club issues or serve as an Associate Officer for the club. When a Youth member reaches 22 years of age they will covert to a Full Membership with no initiation fees, as long as they are in good standing. Youth Members must pay a $100 initiation fee and pay $23.50 a month ($15.00 Club Dues, $5.00 Fleet Fund, $3.50 SSA Dues).

3. Senior Membership: Must be over 65. Aimed towards those who wish to fly as a club member, without soloing or obtaining a rating. Is not allowed to fly solo,is allowed to vote and serve on the PSA Board (though not as an officer) and must be a member of the SSA. A Full Member may convert to a Senior Member through a petition to the Board of Directors with no application/initiation fees. The initiation fee for a new Senior Member joining the Association is $100. Dues are $17.00 a month ($6.00 Club Dues, $6.00 SSA Dues, $5.00 Fleet Fund).

Other Membership Classes

1. Family Membership: For person with a spouse or child(ren). A Family Member has no restrictions, and may operate Association aircraft and equipment, may vote on Association matters, and may serve as an Association Officer or may serve on the Board of Directors. Initiation fee is $500 for first Family Member, then $75.00 for spouse initiation or $50.00 for Youth Family Member. Youth Family Members must follow age rules for regular Youth Members. Dues are $67.50 a month ($53.00 Club Dues, $9.50 SSA Dues, $5 Fleet fund) for a family of two, plus $3.50 a month (SSA Dues) for each additional family member.

2. Inactive Membership: Members may become inactive for a minimum of one year to a maximum of two years, unless approved by the Board of Directors. An inactive member must be in good standing, is charged $10 a month ($6 SSA dues, $4 Club dues), does not voting privileges, and only four may be allowed in the club at a time unless approved by the Board of Directors. The inactive member may convert their membership off inactive without any fees related to rejoining. Additionally inactive members may have three flights in a club glider, but must be accompanied by an instructor. No tows will be given to an inactive member in a private ship.

3. Temporary Memberships: A temporary membership is extended to an applicant who pays a fee of $99 for a Soaring orientation flight. This fee is intended to be consistent with that for the separate but similar SSA FAST program. The fee can be paid in cash, by check, or in advance by credit card and through a pre-paid gift certificate. Payment should be received, and Temporary Membership activated prior to a Soaring Orientation Flight. A PSA Temporary Member Card indicating a one-month membership in the Pittsburgh Soaring Club from date of the Soaring Orientation Flight may be provided. This documents flying and other privileges and responsibilities, and should be checked prior to further flights. The responsibility for issuing the card lies with the CFIG accepting payment and conducting the SOF, or any board member present. A three-month temporary SSA membership and a copy of Soaring magazine is also provided along with insurance coverage. Conditions:

  • The Temporary Member must schedule training flights, and arrange payment with the flight instructor independently. The first flight, i.e., the Soaring Orientation Flight, is free of charge to the temporary member.
  • The President or Vice President may grant an extension of Temporary Membership for up to one month in the event of inclement weather or other special circumstances.
  • Temporary Members are expected to pay for equipment use and tow fees, set at member rates, before leaving the field each flying day. Payment for flights can be made to any club officer on the field, or, in their absence, to the flight instructor.


1. Membership Obligations: In order to keep operating costs low, each member is expected to contribute some time for the benefit of the Club

2. Billing: Members will be billed for dues and tows at the end of March, May, July, September, and December. Payment is due 30 days after invoice date. If a member does not forward the full amount owed by the next billing, he or she will be considered delinquent and will lose all flying privileges.

3. Insurance: All Club equipment is covered with hull and liability insurance. Members are responsible for payment of the deductible if involved in an accident. Owners of private gliders must have proof of at least liability insurance on their ships.

4. Required Certification and SSA Membership

  • Medical – Prospective members must be able to self certify under FAA regulations that they have no known medical defects that prevent them from safely piloting a glider. If power rated, their medical is sufficient.
  • FAA Student Certificate – First time pilots in training must obtain a student certificate from the FAA FSDO in South Hills, Pittsburgh.
  • SSA Membership – All Club members must be members of The Soaring Society of America: SSA membership costs are included in dues.

5. Equipment Use Rules

  • Tow Plane – Only tow pilots and tow pilots in training may operate the tow plane. No private use of the tow plane is permitted.
  • Super Blanik – Any licensed member in good standing who has acted as Pilot In Command of an aircraft in the past 90 days, or has had a check flight at the beginning of the season or any student with an instructor’s endorsement in his log book may operate this glider.
  • Russia – Any licensed member in good standing who has acted as Pilot In Command of an aircraft in the past 90 days, or has had a check flight at the beginning of the season and has had at least 10 solo flights in the Super Blanik or any student with an instructor’s endorsement in his log book and has had at least 10 solo flights in the Super Blanik may operate this glider.
  • Astir – Any licensed member in good standing who has acted as Pilot In Command of an aircraft in the past 90 days, or has had a check flight at the beginning of the season, an orientation review with an instructor, a check ride if the instructor requires it and has had experience in a plane of equal or better performance of the Astir may operate this glider.
  • Exceptions to the Equipment Use rules, by which a member progresses to higher performance ships based on experience, may be made by a CFIG affiliated with the club. Such exceptions should be entered in the logbook of the member for whom the exception is made, and in the logbook of the flight instructor granting the exception.

6. Flight Instruction: Arrangements for scheduling and compensation of the club CFIGs for instruction, check outs or flight reviews are the responsibility of the individual member.  CFIG’s currently charge $20 per flight.

7. Soaring Orientation Flights: SOFs are to be conducted only by a club CFIG. Payment can be made by gift Certificate, cash or check – but must be made, and a Temporary Membership Card issued, prior to the Ground school and flight. The Instructor conducting this flight will be paid $20 for each SOF.

8. Visiting Member: A certificated soaring pilot or soaring student visiting Pittsburgh may join PSC as a Visiting Member for up to 4 months, provided that they are a member of SSA, present a log book and credentials verifying status and experience, and pass a check ride with a PSC affiliated CFIG prior to solo flight with club equipment. The Visiting Member dues are $99 for the first month (includes cost of one check ride), $50 per month thereafter. The Visiting member is responsible for all tow and equipment rental fees. Visiting members are considered “Temporary Members” per Article IV, Section 8 of the By-Laws.

9. Passengers: Club members may fly passengers in accordance to FAA FAR 61.113 (a). The member takes responsibility for complying with the FAA regulations on flying with passengers, and will be fully financially responsible to the club for the flight. The club will not accept any compensation (cash or otherwise) from anyone but the member pilot in command for the flight. Note that FAR 61.113 (a) expressly forbids a private pilot from soliciting flights to the general public. General introduction flights must be conducted with a flight instructor under the temporary membership program outlined in Paragraph 14 of this document.

10. Insurance deductibles: Pursuant to Article XVI, (7) of the By-Laws, insurance deductibles for 2012 are $900 each in-motion; $225 each not in-motion.

11. Private glider tie-downs: Owners of private gliders parked at Bandel are reminded of their responsibility to independently contact Bruce Bandel to pay trailer storage fees.

12. Annual review: These operating rules are subject to annual review and positive endorsement by the membership. As set out in the by-laws (Article VI, Sect.2, (3)) members may reject the rules or any changes to them by majority vote at any time; at the annual meeting, however, the board of Directors asks the quorum present to positively affirm these rules via simple majority.