2021 Season

Written April 9

Pawnee is in working order again and we will fly 4/10 and 4/11.

We will plan to fly every weekend and Tuesdays, weather and interest permitting. David Hart will be our CFIG, and will be able to provide flight instruction and solo student supervision every weekend.

COVID procedures will continue to be followed, e.g. sanitizing gliders between users, social distancing when able, and wearing masks (particularly in the Blanik).

Congratulations to Liam Wedge, our newest and youngest club member, for completing his Eagle Scout! https://neighborhoods.triblive.com/content-page/?p=sewickleyherald&body_id=baba1eb143906f313a7f864d80f5b2cf&fbclid=IwAR1EqOjzw9AI0_gBb7eNfYoKO2TOoBU8hH5xw-r1-E3c_iElRrJOkSHR6lM

CFIG David checking out Ed on April 4