Judith before the maiden flight of her 1-26 (4/13)

Congratulations to Chuck Fessler and Ty Kielar for obtaining their PPL-G on August 8th and September 28th each and to Tim Depaolis and David Hart for their Commercial Glider and CFI-G on the 24th and 25th of August respectively !

Jesse after his first solo.

Jesse Ellenberger soloed the 2-33 August 11th. Congratulations!

Jerry preparing for his maiden flight of L7.

Good on Jerry for getting his Bronze Badge in August and his Lak-17b FES in October; it relieves us all to know he can count on his motor for help!

Scott’s after his first solo
Luka enduring Jesse’s form of post solo celebration

Congratulations to Scott Colby and Luka who soloed D4 over the same weekend, October 19th and 20th!

Hangar cleanup day

Good luck to David Vollenweider at the Illini Glider Club!